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DC One Card Required To Access Transit Subsidy Benefits at All DCPS High Schools and Middle Schools | Schools

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DC One Card Required To Access Transit Subsidy Benefits at All DCPS High Schools and Middle Schools
DC One Card Required To Access Transit Subsidy Benefits at All DCPS High Schools and Middle Schools


From Monica Hernandez:

Attention students and parents: an important change is about to take effect that will impact the way you receive benefits under the School Transit Subsidy Program. Beginning January 1, 2012, eligible students at all DCPS high schools and middle schools will need a DC One Card to access transit subsidy passes.  The same requirement will also apply to all DCPS K-5 schools and all DCPS educational campuses beginning on January 16. 

The school transit subsidy program provides reduced fares for District students who use Metrobus, Metrorail or the DC Circulator to travel to and from school. Students can begin applying online for the Transit Subsidy Program beginning on December 16, 2011. Please do not wait until school resumes after the holidays as this may delay your benefits.


The ability to use the DC One Card to access transit subsidy passes was implemented as a pilot program this past spring at the School Without Walls and was rolled out at select DCPS high schools early this fall.  Despite some technical issues that have now been resolved the pilot program has proven to be successful and has made it much easier for students to access transit subsidy passes.


With the DC One Card students will only have to visit a Metro Sales Office once every school year, provided they don’t let their pass expire, and will be able to renew their monthly pass at any Metro station.  Students will also be able to enroll online and receive partial refunds for lost or stolen passes.


The DC One Card is a single identification card that gives students access to D.C. government programs and facilities, recreation centers, libraries, and the Metro.


Students in high and middle schools should automatically receive a DC One Card at their school. If you have not received your DC One Card please contact your school administration. Students in K-5 and education campuses will have to go to a DC One Card Customer Service Center to obtain a DC One Card.  Visit dconecard.dc.gov or call 202-671-2273 for additional information about obtaining the DC One Card.


Once the DC One Card is required at a school students will be able to access the School Transit Subsidy Program by following these simple steps:

1.     Apply Online

×         Apply online for the School Transit Subsidy Program at dconecard.dc.gov/manage.


2.     Activate Card and Purchase Passes

×         Activate the card at a Metrorail station Passes & Farecards machine by tapping the DC One Card and pressing “Cancel Transaction.” By activating the card it will be upgraded and enabled to accept the student pass. The card will only need to be activated once.

×         After applying online students will receive a Student Transit Subsidy Eligibility Letter which they must print and take along with their DC One Card to a Metro sales office to activate the card and purchase the fare media.  There are four sales offices located within the District, three of them convenient to Metro stations: Anacostia Metro station at 1101 Howard Road, SE; Metro Center station at 607 13th Street, NW and the Metro Headquarters at 600 5th Street, NW.  The fourth Metro sales office is located in the Northern Metro Bus Garage at 4615 14th Street, NW.

×         To purchase passes, show the DC One Card and eligibility letter to the sales clerk at a Metro sales office. There are three types of passes available: unlimited monthly, 10 rail rides, or 10 bus rides. After paying the sales clerk the pass will be added to the DC One Card. After payment, students can begin using their DC One Card aboard Metrorail, Metrobus or DC Circulator.


3.     Register Card

×         Students are encouraged to register their DC One Card. By doing so a partial credit can be obtained for a lost or stolen pass. Specific details about credit refund amounts are listed under the Frequently Asked Questions section at ddot.dc.gov/schooltransitsubsidy.

×         Register the card at http://www.smartrip.com and click on Register Your Card.


4.     Renew the Pass

×         Future monthly passes can be renewed by going to any Metrorail station before the end of the month.

×         Use the Passes & Farecards machines in any Metro station and pay to load your discounted monthly pass onto your card.  Specific details about renewing a pass are listed under the Frequently Asked Questions section at ddot.dc.gov/schooltransitsubsidy.

×         Renew the pass before the end of the month. Otherwise, you will be required to print out the Eligibility Letter again and return to a Metro sales office to buy a pass.

×         To purchase 10-trip passes or renew an expired monthly pass, print out and bring the Eligibility Letter to the sales office each time.


School Transit Subsidy Program Qualifications

District law mandates that in order for students to receive discounted travel on Metrobus and Metrorail they must meet all of the following qualifications:

×         Under 19 years of age with the exception of students with disabilities who are eligible until 22 years of age;

×         Resident of the District; and

×         Enrolled in an elementary or secondary public, charter, private or parochial school that is located in the District of Columbia.

×         If students are in an internship program during the summer, the internship program must be non-paid. Students being paid to work do not qualify for summer travel subsidies.


For more information about the School Transit Subsidy Program, please call 202-673-1740 or visit: ddot.dc.gov/schooltransitsubsidy.