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The Patriots 4th Annual visit to the Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day | News

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The Patriots 4th Annual visit to the Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day
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The Patriots 4th Annual visit to the Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day

Friday, February 25, 2011, was a fun-filled day for the Patriots members that joined Rodney Beverly and Danna Jennings at the 20th Annual Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day.  Mr. Beverly is also a Member of the Patriots Board of Directors.  

During a Mix and Mingle breakfast our members enjoyed the opportunity to network with Microsoft representatives who encouraged them to learn about the opportunities that the field of technology can bring.  Overall, the objective of Microsoft's Minority Student Day was to provide a mechanism for students to learn about emerging technologies that Microsoft is developing for the present and near future, plus their ability to one day possibly be the creator of that technology. 

The keynote speaker at the luncheon, Wes Anderson, Vice-President for Microsoft’s U.S. Public Sector Services, rendered a motivating message about doing and being your best.  His suggestion was for students to "differentiate themselves from others by having passion, ambition, commitment, determination and to be a hard worker for the things you want in life."

Kofi Bawuah (Microsoft) showcased technology developed by Microsoft which enables a father that is blind to be able to communicate with his son that is deaf by the use of computer software.  He also challenged the students to one day develop a software that could help to solve the health problems in the world.

The highlight of the day was a presentation on the making of the Kinect sensor for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  The Kinect is the latest piece of hardware and software for the Xbox 360.  It has a motion sensor that tracks your entire body, voice recognition that distinguishes your voice from other noises in the room, facial recognition that collects physical data that is stored in your profile and skeletal tracking that creates a digital skeleton on you based on your movement from left to right or moving around.  This enables YOU to be the video game controller.

The Patriots would like to give a special thanks to the Chairperson's for the event, Rodney Beverly and Danna Jennings, and to the entire Microsoft team for inviting our students to this event.

Mission accomplished: "Empowering Students Through Technology".

The Patriots would like to thank the following volunteers from Microsoft:

  • Wes Anderson
  • Jackie Barnes
  • Kofi Bawuah
  • Rodney Beverly
  • Rachel Clay
  • Paul Correia
  • David Dixon
  • Robert Griffin
  • Gharun Hester
  • Terrence Hosten
  • Mark Jackson
  • Danna Jennings
  • Lynn Johns
  • Cynthia Lopez
  • Frank Miller
  • Dorian Orr
  • Aja Page
  • Sharon Prince
  • Alicia Porter
  • Donna Woodall
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