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RIFE 2011 - Rock n' Roll and Electronic Music Films | Arts & Culture

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RIFE 2011 - Rock n' Roll and Electronic Music Films
RIFE 2011 - Rock n' Roll and Electronic Music Films

This week I'm previewing films from REEL Independent Film Extravaganza taking place this weekend at THEARC in Washington D.C.

On Sunday at 12PM, RIFE will have a two hour block of documentaries on music.

The Silo Effect: The Treehouse Sessions follows four young, Richmond based musicians who comprise the band, The Silo Effect, as they make the transition from the stage to the recording studio. Director Les Owen highlights the differences of playing in front of an adoring crowd and locking oneself in the recording studio, where the truth is laid bare. Anyone who has ever played in a band will relate.

The electronic music scene is the subject of Slip Cue (trailer). Internationally recognized DJs share the secrets of their success in this documentary by Robin Kupferman. The film encourages those with the desire to try their hands as DJs or producers to pursue the dream and to put his or her own stamp on the industry.

Following the garage band theme of The Silo Effect John Lazzaro's Sic Transit Gloria (trailer) looks at bands that came together in the wake of The Beatles' historic emergence. In 1965, 63% of all kids under 20 were in a band. Most of the bands have since become fond (or less than fond) memories. Sic Transit Gloria shares the story of the very lucky ones.

RIFE takes place this Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23 at THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Ave. SE. For more information on the festival and for ticket information, visit the website.