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RIFE 2011 - Two World Premieres (and Hercules), October 22 | Arts & Culture

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RIFE 2011 - Two World Premieres (and Hercules), October 22
RIFE 2011 - Two World Premieres (and Hercules), October 22

REEL Indpendent Film Extravaganza will host two world premieres on Saturday October 22 starting at 7PM. First up is All in the Game, written and directed by Maryland filmmaker, Gary Ugarek. The film follows an East Baltimore drug kingpin as he vies for control of the entire city's trade. Besides a story that evokes the spirit of The WireAll in the Game also features several cast members from the acclaimed HBO series.

Following All in the Game is Coffin, presented by Skyrocket Productions. Here's the synopsis:

"Jack Samms' life is turned upside down one evening when he is visited by a menacing stranger. The stranger, known only as "Trick," shows Jack images on a computer screen of Jack's estranged wife and her lover trapped inside an air-tight wooden box. Trick gives Jack an ultimatum; get him a  large sum of money within 75 minutes, or else the couple suffocates inside the box. A dangerous battle of wits ensues as Jack races against the clock to get the money and save his wife, while avoiding the detectives now on his trail. Will he make it in time?"

Kevin Sorbo, yes, Hercules, stars with Bruce Davison (X-Men) in this suspense/thriller.

These are just two of the over thirty films that we'll be screening at RIFE 2011. For the schedule check out the website.