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A Preview of Spaces 14, 15 & 16 at the 2012 DC Design House | Arts & Culture

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A Preview of Spaces 14, 15 & 16 at the 2012 DC Design House
A Preview of Spaces 14, 15 & 16 at the 2012 DC Design House

This is the Fifth of an Eight-Part Feature on the designers’ vision and progress at the DC Design House, which is underway and set to open on April 14th.

Carolyn Wilson and Elizabeth Boland of Design in a Day in Bethesda, MD, www.designinadaydc.com, are taking on Space 14, the Second Floor Foyer in this year’s DC Design House. “The opportunity to completely transform and redesign a space together as a mother-daughter team has always been a goal of ours,” says Wilson, “and doing this project for Children’s National Medical Center makes it even more rewarding.”

Boland says their design philosophy is always to fill your home with things you love. “If an item doesn’t make your heart sing, then don’t buy it,” she says. They also feel a space should be enjoyed and not “off limits.” While their area in the Design House is small, they plan to make the most of it. Doubling as a dressing area with dramatic black stamped animal print wallpaper, the Second Floor Foyer adjoins the elevator and was thought to have been a bathroom at one time.

This foyer area leads to Space 15, the Guest Bedroom designed by Wendy Danziger of Danziger Design in Bethesda, MD, www.danzigerdesign.com. “Being chosen to design the guest bedroom at the Design House makes me incredibly happy on many levels,” Danziger says. “It means a great deal to be associated with an organization that raises money to benefit children.” The designer adds that she loves the camaraderie of working with her peers as well as conquering the obstacles in a space. “It will allow visitors to the Design House to see that they can also achieve a peaceful environment for themselves."

Danziger, who believes in the give and take between designer and client, says her guest room is a combination of ideas that promote a restful, fun space to visit. “Who wouldn’t enjoy a getaway at a friend’s home in a fresh and inviting room inspired by linens from a far away place?” says Danziger, who adds, “Don’t forget to look at the tourist info in the closet.” The designer included a special spot for a pet guest, too, as well as hand-painted silver metallic screens that hide an asymmetrical window.

While most rooms in this Spring Valley house didn’t require too much in the way of architectural renovations, Space 17, the Study by Lorna Gross of Savant Interior Design in Bethesda, MD, www.savantid.com, did require some removal of pine shelving along three walls. “I’m creating a cozy space that is rich with color, pattern and texture – all of my favorites,” Gross says.

Gross includes elements of sophistication and comfort in her designs, including in this Study where silk window treatments with aqua medallions add a punch of color. A custom-finished executive desk presents a place for writing, while the sofa with an iron mirror above it is a perfect spot for reading. Gross adds, “A lot of effort goes into designing a show house and I’m pleased that these proceeds go to such a worthy cause – Children’s National Medical Center.”

In the Sixth of the Eight-Part Feature, Spaces 17, 18 & 19 will be highlighted.

For more information about the 2012 DC Design House including volunteer opportunities, go to www.dcdesignhouse.com and follow www.facebook.com/DCDesignHouse.