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Mayoral Race Becomes Referendum On Incumbent | News

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Mayoral Race Becomes Referendum On Incumbent

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Only days are left before a DC election day that will decide who leads the city for the next four years, an election that has come down to a referendum on whether the youngest mayor in Washington's history can keep his job.

The polls say the answer is no; suggesting Adrian Fenty's personality has alienated the city's Black population even as that population concedes the city has gotten better in some ways under his administration.

Poll Leader, City Council Chairman Vincent Gray is trying not to bobble his lead in the final days of the campaign. Fenty is scrambling to catch up.

Both men appeared Friday on the Politics Program With Mark Plotkin on WTOP Radio, making little news as each tried to say anything that would hurt them on election day.

Fenty apologized for not being as inclusive as his critics want him to be, responding to a question from show host Plotkin who wanted to know if he had changed since becoming mayor, if power had gone to his head.

"As a young mayor, as a new mayor, I drove a thousand miles an hour to get results because, in my mind, etched in my mind is a government that failed its people, that was an embarrassment to the entire country.

"If, somehow, in the first couple of years moved so fast that I somehow failed to listen or to connect, I'll plead guilty as charged, right now. But, I did so with the memory of a person growing up in a city that was an embarrassment, and wanting to do everything possible to never go back to those days ... I'm telling the people of the city I hear you that I need to be more inclusive, " Fenty told Plotkin.