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Brookland Man Writes Letter to MPD about Accused Attack | Crime

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Brookland Man Writes Letter to MPD about Accused Attack

Check out this note that was written by a 23-year-old graduate student at Catholic University to the Metro Police Department as well as the greater Brookland community:

"Around 12:00 AM Sunday I was tackled by some rowdy high school aged kids at the Brookland metro who were fooling around. They were trying to intimidate me prior to this by yelling in my face as I left the escalators on the 10th street side
of the station, where the bus stops are. After this, some followed me a bit and
one guy jumped on me from behind and put his arm across the front of my neck
before releasing once I was on the ground, while still within the station.
Earlier some of the group--which may be more than one group, there were over a
dozen people--were also messing with a young lady who was trying to run up a
broken escalator to catch a train--tripping her and getting in her way--and some
jumped fare gates and knocked stuff down with in the station.

They didn't take anything or do anything besides laugh once they had me down and I'm fine physically but just really angry and shaken. I didn't think it was
something worth calling the police over--though plenty of people saw it happen.
In retrospect, once I had kids jumping in my face, I probably should have just
walked to a populated bus stop and waited around other people for safety. I've
lived in this neighborhood for just over a year and have felt safe most of the
time, though I've known that I need to be aware of my surroundings and careful.
Now though, I feel like that bubble has been broken.

I'm sure MPD is aware of rowdiness on warm summer nights, but I wanted to send a reminder to stop by the Brookland station. I would hate for someone else to experience this also, as minor as it was."

Now the police are investigating the incident. 

What say ye, greater Brookland community?  Is this situation a serious neighborhood issue or simply a situation that has been blown out of proportion?