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Photo Gallery | 3 Reasons The Washington Redskins Should Sign Jeremy Lin

"Simon Says" is an opinion column by WUSA9.Com's D.C. Community Web Producer Simon Landau.  Follow him on Twitter @LandauDC.  Opinions are his and his alone:

The past several weeks of “Linsanity” created by New York Knicks out-of-nowhere wunderkind Jeremy Lin has sparked a buzz that the NBA has not seen in some time.

Jersey sales, media attention, and overall interest in the Knicks franchise has skyrocketed in the past month, almost solely because of 23-year-old point guard. 

And while Lin has taken New York, the country, and the globe by storm, his future in the Big Apple isn’t a certainty as he has yet to sign a long-term contract.

With those facts on the table, I thought it would be fun to examine how the Washington Redskins could benefit from signing Jeremy Lin to play quarterback.  Dan Snyder has never shied away from making “a splash” and this would be a move brasher and bolder than he has ever made before.

So how would Washington benefit from signing Lin?

Check out my three reasons above.