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How Hurricane Irene is Affecting States

How Hurricane Irene is Affecting States

Here is a state-by-state glance on how Hurricane Irene is affecting states along the Eastern Seaboard as of Saturday, August 27th:


   -- Irene predicted to make landfall Sunday somewhere between New Jersey and Cape Cod. Storm's track forecast through central parts of Connecticut.

   -- Hurricane warning for coast.

   -- No mandatory evacuations.

   -- Last hurricane to hit was Bob in 1991.

   -- Irene likely to cause prolonged power outages and flooding in low-lying areas along the shoreline.

   -- President Barack Obama and governor declared state of emergency. National Guard mobilized.


   -- Hurricane warning statewide.

   -- Flood watch in effect.

   -- Storm center to pass near the New Jersey/Delaware coast around 8 a.m. Sunday.

Mayor Gray Urges Residents to Prepare for Potential Impact of Hurricane Irene

Mayor Gray Urges Residents to Prepare for Potential Impact of Hurricane Irene


Are You Prepared for Hurricane Irene?

Are You Prepared for Hurricane Irene?



The National Weather Service predicts Hurricane Irene will start impacting the east coast as early as Friday, August 26th bringing torrential rains and damaging high winds.  In preparation for this extreme weather, Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue (www.pwcgov.org/fire) would like to remind citizens that planning ahead is the key in increasing one’s chances of survival during an emergency.  By following a few simple and low-cost steps you can prepare and protect your family, business, neighborhood and community when emergencies and disasters arise.

Before the storm hits:

Check emergency equipment and supplies.

Have non-perishable food and drinking water on hand for family and pets.

Clear loose or clogged rain gutters and downspouts.

Pools, Cooling Centers Open For DC Residents

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The DC government is opening cooling centers and pools to help residents beat the heat.

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation will open the following pools from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Thursday:

Ward 1
Banneker Recreation Center Pool
2500 Georgia Avenue NW

Ward 2

Jelleff Recreation Center Pool
3265 S Street NW

Ward 4

Upshur Recreation Center Pool
4300 Arkansas Avenue NW

Ward 5

Henry Thomas Recreation Center Pool
1743 Lincoln Road NE

Ward 6

Randall Pool
820 South Capitol Street SW

Ward 7

Fort Dupont Pool
800 Ridge Road SE

Ward 8

Anacostia Pool
1800 Anacostia Drive SE

Washingtonians' Secrets To Staying Warm

Washingtonians' Secrets To Staying Warm

Continue Riding Trough the Winter: Cold Weather Biking Tips

Continue Riding Trough the Winter: Cold Weather Biking Tips

It’s hard to believe it’s only mid-December and we've already seen our first snowflakes, accompanied by freezing temperatures and wind advisories. While the D.C. area doesn’t generally get the kind of snow we saw last year, we certainly see our fair share of occasional flurries, as well as miserably cold and wet weather, which can make for treacherous conditions when biking on roads and trails. And as the days get shorter, most cyclists will probably be riding home from work in the dark. So, if you plan to continue commuting by bike through the winter months, start preparing now in order to stay warm and safe as weather conditions shift.

Code Red Day

WASHINGTON D.C. (WUSA) -- If you thought the summer was winding down, one step outside Tuesday convinced you otherwise; Things were just heating up on the last day of August.

"It's so hot and we're walking up hill," said Heather Hrynkow who was on vacation from Ohio with her 4 young boys, "so we're just keeping hydrated and trying to walk in the shade."

The code red air quality day meant the air pollution level was so high, that technically everyone could suffer health effects, especially young children. But keeping kids cooped up indoors can be difficult. DC Public School principals could decide for themselves if recess was held outdoors. At Hyde-Addison Elementary School in Georgetown, the playground was full with children around noon. However, the principal said students will have P.E. class will be inside as the mercury rises.