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Support Local Youth Soccer Teams Today on Groupon | Sports & Recreation

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Support Local Youth Soccer Teams Today on Groupon
Support Local Youth Soccer Teams Today on Groupon

Some things are just fundamental. And fundamentals are what make some things meaningful. An inner-city grade-school student-athlete being provided with the necessary equipment to shine not only in the classroom, but on the field, is something the nonprofit DC SCORES takes pride in and will go to great lengths to fulfill.

Throughout our service here in the nation’s capitol we’ve been fortunate to provide for amazing students, in no less than amazing fashions.

Stemming from last year, the ever-so-familiar Groupon DC has extended its reach to DC SCORES for a cause bigger than just selling soccer jerseys. Wonderful contributors and supporters of DC SCORES' mission have yet another opportunity to buy into a child’s dream and contribute to one of more than 800 poet-athlete’s not-so-typical youth-hood in DC.

So what does $10 really buy?

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Hey … well what can a jersey do for a kid?’ Well, tons of things, to be exact. The opportunity to not only be part of a team, but a team that is organized and professional, literally, from head to toe.

As a youngster, the No. 21 jersey was me. Partly because the number selection was limited, and partly because No. 23 had been taken.

Nevertheless, I had an identity on the playing field, which was all mine. DC SCORES is SELF EXPRESSION is a motto we live by, and one that continues to help us succeed in doing more for our kids.

Help us help our poet-athletes today with a donation of $10, and please share this wonderful opportunity for change throughout your network.

The DC SCORES deal on Groupon ends TONIGHT at midnight, so please buy that kid’s jersey before then!

DC SCORES builds teams through after-school programs for over 800 low-income DC youth at 27 schools by instilling self-expression, physical fitness, and a sense of community. DC SCORES accomplishes this in an innovative model combining poetry and spoken word, soccer, and service-learning year-round.