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Seven Tips To Make DC Cabs Take You Home | News

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Seven Tips To Make DC Cabs Take You Home

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - In the wake of a WUSA9 investigation that found six out of 40 cabs tested refusing to take a black man to Southeast D.C., we've created five important rules that could help get you home.

Click here to see our hidden camera investigation into DC cabs.

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1) Cab displaying "Taxi for hire" on their domes are required to stop for any passenger.

2) D.C. cabs may not inquire your destination prior to allowing you inside their cabs. If they've stopped, you're entitled to your ride.

3) DC Cabs are required to accept credit cards.

4) You have the right to be taken anywhere in the Metro Washington area, including Dulles Airport, Prince Georges, Montgomery, Fairfax, and Arlington Counties, along with the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church.

5) You are entitled to see the driver's "face card." You'll want that to report violations. It is required to be located on the right visor of the front seat (each cab should also have the company name and cab number printed on the door).

6) You're entitled to see the cab's rate card, and a paper copy of the meter's receipt.

7) Your can enforce your rights by contacting the DC Taxicab Commission via e-mail: dctc3@dc.gov or by calling 202-645-6018