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Aidan Design Toasts Great Collaborations

Aidan Design Toasts Great Collaborations

Aidan Design hosted a client appreciation night at Avery Fine Art

Nadia Subaran, co-owner of Aidan Design, hosted a client appreciation night at the home studio of Evelyn Avery of Avery Fine Art. Top interior designers and architects stopped by including Skip Sroka, Camille Saum, Caitlin Kinkead and Liz Spencer of Lori Graham Design, Anne Jaffe, Chris Snowber and Mike Rouse of Hamilton Snowber Architects, and Pierre Lazare from Fox Architects, as well as representatives from Potomac Lighting and Wood-Mode. Celebrating its 10th year in business and co-owned by John Schmiedigen, the award-winning Aidan Design offers kitchen and bathroom designs for residential spaces.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Shares Great Ways to Gain Space in Your Home

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Shares Great Ways to Gain Space in Your Home

On Saturday morning, June 25, Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. held one of several workshop/seminars it’s having this summer addressing not only the basics, but also some of the finer aspects of home remodeling and expansion. 

This particular workshop, led by Case Design/Remodeling Executive VP Bill Millholland, focused on gaining space in your existing home, whether through converting an attic or screened-in porch into living space, or by actually building a new addition. Case highlights the attic and porch conversions as the least expensive options, but barring water issues or ceiling height problems, finishing a basement can be a cost-effective transformation as well, maximizing the existing space in your home.

National Small Business Week Focus: Case Design/Remodeling Celebrates 50 Years

With entrepreneurs around the country working diligently to bring creative approaches to all types of industries and to improve the economy, it's heartening to find a company celebrating 50 years in business. This past March marked the 50-year anniversary of Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. as a DC Metro area full service residential remodeling organization with offices in Bethesda, Maryland and Falls Church, Virginia.

First known as Case Construction Company in 1961 when founded by Fred Case, the firm changed its name in the early 1980s to Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. when it brought design in-house. Bruce Case, the current president and son of Fred Case, says Case Design/Remodeling is committed to the foundation of integrity and excellence that the company was built on.

5 Tips for Greening the Closet

5 Tips for Greening the Closet

With Earth Day just around the corner, it is a good time to think about greening the home. One place that most people overlook when trying to make environmentally friendly choices is the closet. While it may be tucked way and largely out of site, the closet can play an important role in creating an environmentally friendly home. Greening the closet is not only important, but is actually quite easy!

“Our closets hold so much of who we are, from the clothes we wear on a daily basis to the special vintage items we want to preserve,” says Fred Silber of Creative Organization, a New Jersey-based company that has created a line of sustainable, eco-friendly closet organizing products. “Because they tend to hold so much, and such a variety of things, it is important to make sure that it is an area of the home that is not overlooked when trying to live in an environmentally friendly way.”

Here are five tips to keep in mind when greening the closet:

“Home Saver”: In Tough Times, The Housing Finance Agency Makes Living Near Your Work Tenable

“Home Saver”: In Tough Times, The Housing Finance Agency Makes Living Near Your Work Tenable

No sooner had the effects of our New Year’s Eve activities worn off when economists pounced to deliver the dreary news about what we can expect for our economy in 2011. Foreclosures are going to peak in 2011? Awesome. Thanks.

The District is not immune to this trend, which will mean hundreds of DC residents who are forced to move from their homes, probably settling in less expensive suburbs. This is exactly the kind of scenario we want to avoid in terms of the effect it has on transportation and commuting in our region. As people flock to the suburbs, from DC or elsewhere, they increase both traffic congestion and the need for additional transportation infrastructure and maintenance. goDCgo strongly encourages a “live near your work” strategy to reduce ill effects on an already-stressed transportation system and to improve the quality of life of those who work in DC—by remaining in DC.

Check out the Bonsai Exhibit at the National Arboretum

Looking to get in touch with your green side?  Check out the Becoming a Bonsai exhibit at the National Arboretum.

The exhibit will be running until September 12, each day from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m..  Becoming a Bonsai will demonstrate all the steps involved in trimming the perfect Bonsai tree.

Artifacts and tools from some of the world's best Bonsai trimmers will be on display.

The exhibit is in the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum Special Exhibits Wing.

Admission to the exhibit is completely free of charge.

For more information visit the National Arboretum's calendar of events.