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Inhale, Exhale, While Trying To Prevail | Health

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Inhale, Exhale, While Trying To Prevail
Inhale, Exhale, While Trying To Prevail


It’s your best friend. It’s something you think you can’t live without, something you are used to. Every time you inhale is like your stress is pouring out of your body while you exhale. It soothes you, it calms you down, it’s your best friend, follows you wherever you will go, it’s your death.

Smoker. Is that a word you want to be known for?

I never judge. I really am a person who has been judged by so many and pointed at by plenty so I know.

I know how it feels to fall head over heels for habits that are not good for you, things that make you as strong as it makes you weak. I’ve been there just like you. We all have.

I know how it feels to fall asleep with a glass of wine in your hand and wake up from the sound of shattered glass.  I know how it feels to open a door and see your whole world turn upside down in a second. I know how it feels when you can’t hear your own heart beat anymore because you suffocate yourself with feelings that you’ve suppressed during the time you had your mask on and couldn’t even spell the word happiness.

See, happiness has an “I” in it, and so do you. You’re not even able to understand the word happiness without the “I” – so please do not erase it – “I” is all you have. Me, Myself and “I”.

We are given one chance to live, one chance to survive and one chance to die.

Death should scare us more than anything, it sure scares me. Maybe it’s because I have a lot to regret in life, I’ve done wrong, so wrong. But at the same time, I’ve lived, learned and moved on – I lived, survived and now I have death left.  

Some say that death is freedom and that it can set your soul free if you ever felt trapped in your own mind, as I’ve thought for many years. But no, I’m not going to wait for death to come and get me, and I surely don’t want to help him on the way. That’s why I’m free, that’s why I don’t have a habit that could kill me anymore – because I have a choice – and so do you.

Around 443.000 smokers dies each year in the United States only. The number for the whole world wasn’t even something I wanted to know, because it makes me sad, so sad. The worst part of this is that people who did not have a choice than to inhale the smoke from the smokers are 3400 dying every year. Does that make sense to you?

We don’t realize that our habits can be others deaths. We don’t realize that every action in life is like a domino effect towards others. It’s easier said than done when it comes to changing our habits, because they are shaped by the environment, by our background, what we been through and who we had around us when we became who we are. 

The bottom line is trying to be your own best friend, not have your habit as it.

I never liked the sign on the packages that says, “smoking kills slowly”, because nobody forced you to do it. You kill yourself slowly.  That is and always will be the truth.