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Home Alone: Recognizing and Treating Separation Anxiety in your Dog

Home Alone: Recognizing and Treating Separation Anxiety in your Dog

Does your dog pace and become anxious when she sees you preparing to leave the house? Do you come home to chewed door frames or frequent "accidents" on your carpet? If your answers to any of these questions is "yes", you need to attend this great Washington Humane Society seminar on Saturday. Whether your dog barks when left alone or is nicknamed "Houdini" for her successful escape attempts - your dog may be experiencing a form of separation anxiety.

We will discuss:

    * Cutting edge analysis of various forms of anxiety

DC SCORES hosts District's largest youth Poetry Slam!

DC SCORES hosts District's largest youth Poetry Slam!

The time has finally arrived – almost. After months of learning, writing, re-writing and practicing, DC SCORES’ 800 poet-athletes are making final preparations for the culminating highlight event of the fall season.

The 13th Annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam!.

DC SCORES is an after-school program that uses the unique combination of soccer, poetry and service-learning to inspire students ages 8-15 to live healthy lifestyles and be engaged in school and their communities.

On consecutive nights, 400 of the District’s public elementary and middle school students will take the stage during the citywide competition to vie for the coveted Golden Mic trophy that goes to the elementary school winner. The Slam! showcases original works of poetry written and performed by the students at DC SCORES' 25 schools.

Capital City Ball: A Night to Remember

On November 20, 2010, the Capital City Ball had its third annual event.  The concept for the Capital City Ball was created in September 2007 by a group of DC area professionals who saw an opportunity to create a top notch, annual black tie party for the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Charity Red Carpet Premiere of Pollywood Nights

On Friday, November 19, 2010, as my debut as a producer, my film "Pollywood Nights" premiered at the Navy Memorial Museum at the Heritage Center.  The documentary spotlights the fusion of politics, media and celebrity in the Obama era and showcases Pollywood the "place" following four "characters", Jehan Carter "The Jack of All Trades" (myself), Kelechi Kalu "The Captiol Hill Player", Kate Michael "The Entrepreneur" and Bill Twilde "The Artist" and our professional and social lives in Washington, DC.  Viewers follow these four characters as their proximity to power offers a new outlook on the political, philanthropic, entrepreneurial and social scenes, which truly come alive at night.

In the spirit of the philanthropic aspect of "Pollywood", the film premiere was also a fundraiser benefiting a local charity called Luke's Wings.  L

Homeless for a Night ...

Although homelessness awareness month is coming to an end, people are still left without food and shelter daily. To end homelessness awareness month, Trinity is challenging you to experience a night with none of your typical luxuries. Can you go a few hours with no cell phone, iPod, computer, and shelter? Come take on this challenge and support the cause. This activity is sponsored by the Student Government Association and we be held on November 22, 2010, 9pm to 12am (rain or shine) in front of the Trinity Center on the lower field.

All are welcomed to come and share in this event. Trinity also encourages you to get involved and donate to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen before and or during the holidays. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or comment to the SGA blog under the campus life section on the university’s website, www.trinitydc.edu.

Ward 5 Mayor Elect Gray Reception

On Sunday, Nov. 14th, Mayor Elect Gray celebrated his victory with his Ward 5 supporters, the most visible of those being Ward 5 Councilmember Harry "Tommy" Thomas Jr. 

"I heard that I couldn't become mayor of this town without coming through Ward 5 and I guess that person was right", joked Councilmen Gray. 

The celebration took place at Optimism in the Brookland neighborhood at 14th and Kearney Street in NE.  The quaint establishment was overflowing with supporters young and old along with a southern style catered meal and beverages. 

Knock Out Abuse and Fight Night Galas: Ladies vs. Gentlemen

Knock Out Abuse and Fight Night Galas: Ladies vs. Gentlemen

This past Thursday, November 11, was an eventful night in Washington- on one end of town the men had their fun, while on the other, the women had theirs. The men’s-only Fight Night filled up the Washington Hilton, while the female-friendly Knock Out Abuse Against Women gala took over the Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.—and both rallied for their own causes.

With 2,000 men in tuxes dominating the hotel’s ballroom, the 17th annual Fight Night raised money for the education and health care nonprofit Fight for Children. But the program itself was for grown-ups only.