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CityDance DREAM Program Performs On Big Stage | Events

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CityDance DREAM Program Performs On Big Stage
CityDance DREAM Program Performs On Big Stage

This past Tuesday, March 8, 144 students from the District and Prince George’s County, Maryland who participate in the D.C. CityDance DREAM after-school outreach program performed a six-minute dance routine at halftime of the Washington Wizards game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

CityDance, which was founded in 1996, is a professional dance company and a conservatory, training school that offers free community dance and literacy programs to children throughout the D.C. area, taught by CityDance Ensemble members.  Tuesday evening marked the sixth year that the DREAM program students have performed at the Verizon Center.

The after-school program combines dance lessons with reading and writing help, something that DREAM teacher Charonne Butler believes is incredibly beneficial to the students.

“I think that this program brings (the kids) the opportunity to explore new activities,” Said Butler.  “Such as writing skills, learning how the work together, communication skills, and what it’s like to work with the arts and dance.”

One interesting facet of the DREAM program is that it brings students from all over the city and various Wards together to work on a common mission.

“I think that this is a really important event on another level because none of these kids go to school together,” Kelli Quinn, CityDance manager, said.  “We have different groups coming together.  In D.C., you don’t see that a lot, where kids are coming together from different neighborhoods to work towards a specific goal.”

It’s a program that is currently only serving D.C. and a part of Maryland, but would seem to be incredibly beneficial for youth in any area of the country.

“I love working for this program,” Butler said.  “I wish I could see it work in more of a national area, where we can get more schools outside of just D.C. and Maryland…if it could branch out further, it would be a great blessing to all.”

Take a look at the video above to see interviews with DREAM program students, teachers, and pieces of the rehearsal they had a few hours before they took the big stage Tuesday night.